Music & Tech & Posts by José Luis Miralles

Hello world!

This is not my first blog. And surely, it won’t be the last.

But this blog is different from my others blogs.

I grew up in the Spanish’s blogosphere with a famous critical and reflective blog about music education in my country (check it out here).

Now, with new artistic-oriented projects in mind I have decided to post more about the process and products of my current artistic research.

In this blog, you can find posts about:

  • The music I make.
  • The hardware (gear) and software I use in order to accomplish the above.

You can also follow my artistic projects in YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (links above, in the cover of the blog).

If you love the images from this web, you should also check Lluna Llunera's work. (Facebook, Instagram,  Society6).

I’m José Luis Miralles (bio here) and I make contemporary music, from my own and “re-interpreting” others.


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