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The path of musical experimentation has led this musician to venture and question what we understand as musical styles.

Since his early training in the classical musical tradition of conservatories, he has always shown concern for the interpretation and creation of contemporary and experimental music. His previous project SONOTRAZOS (2017), has been presented in places as diverse as auditoriums, contemporary art fairs, design schools or discos; synesthetically fusing the world of image and music through graphic scores.

At BEYOND THE PIANO (2019), we will attend a very personal tour of contemporary piano music of the 20th and 21st century. A select and unique collection of works (one for each decade) that will be shown for the first time transformed with live electronics, pedal effects, image and new ways of understanding the piano.

The prepared piano of John Cage will coexist with the granular synthesis, the clusters and string piano of Henry Cowell will intermingle with processed voices, John Adams will embrace the field recordings, George Crumb will merge with drones and ambient sounds, Messiaen will shine with infinite resonances, Ligeti will sound with synthesizers, Feldman and Brown will explore new dimensions and many more re-interpretations. All this with the visual touch of the illustrator Lluna Llunera who will be in direct control of visuals specially designed for each work. The concert also features HU MA QUI NA by composer Rafael Beltrán (RTVE), putting the man (the piano) and the machine (the processed sounds) in dialogue.


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