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is a graphic-ceramic score commissioned for the 10th anniversary of the cultural magazine Nomepierdoniuna of Castellón. The score is a tribute to the graphic work of Valencian graphic designer Vicent Vidal (Beniarjó).

The score has been created by selecting fragments of the creative universe of Vicent Vidal, and transforming them into pieces of different materials (ceramics and gralss) by Alicia Rodríguez and manufactured by Nobaku Ceramics (

Later this score has been transformed into sound by José Luis Miralles, using a piano (with extended techniques), a loop station (BOSS RC-300) and electronic sounds (Seaboard Rise + Noise).

The piece premiered at a concert organized by the cultural magazine Nomepierdonouna ( and in collaboration with Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny of Castellón (

In the next activities you can discover some things about the creation process of the musical translation of the graphic-score. At the end you will find the complete video of the live performance and more about the graphic universe of Vicent Vidal.

The complete video of the live performance is here:

If you want to know more about Vicent Vidal graphic universe you can check this:

You can also listen it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Listen it on spotify!


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