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Using two genki waves with different midi channels in ipad (standalone)

Do you have two genki wave and want to use them in standalone mode with an iPad?

In standalone mode the genki wave always send midi in channel 1, so how to use two separate waves when you don’t have access to a computer with softwave to edit it?

Using Midiflow you can change the midi channel of any midi incoming signal!

A little bit of…

Genki Wave: “the ring that lets you control sound with motion”.

Midiflow: a midi routing app or iOS

The steps

After installing Midiflow in your iPad/iPhone, you must connect your two genki waves to your iOS device.

Connecting wave to iOS

You can connect Wave to your iOS device. It works on an app-to-app basis so you need to connect Wave through the application you want to use it with – not through the regular Bluetooth Settings.

1. Turn Wave(s) on. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your device.

2. Navigate to the app you want to use Wave(s) with.

3. Find the app’s settings (usually a wrench or a gear icon) and find Bluetooth MIDI (as long as the app supports Bluetooth MIDI devices). In Midiflow is: Config>Find nearby devices

4. You should see the two Wave on a list of Bluetooth MIDI devices. Press connect in booth.

Create the flow

Create a new song in Midiflow and “add” two strings as the image below:

Now set the midi monitor to “all” (in the bottom of the midiflow screen) to see which wave is left and wich one is right.

In the first square “+” sign of the left string select the source. You must figure out wich one of the two waves do you have in each hand by selecting the waves source and “waving” one hand and seeing where the midi signal runs “crazy”.

Set the other wave to the other string.

remap channel

Now is time to remap the channel of one of the two Wave. I recommend to set Left to 1 and Right to 2 (as stereo), but if you have a more complicate set, you can also use other different channels.

In order to do it, you need to select the “+” icon in the middle of the desired string to change, and scroll down until you find “Remap channel to”, and select your desired channel.

Finally you need to create two new virtual midi outputs. In the last “+” icon of the string. Scrolling down you’ll find the place to create (and name) a new virtual output and then assign that to the string. I use Wave L for the left and Wave R for the right.

Finally, in the app you want to use the Wave you need to be sure to select the virtual outputs and no directly the Wave connection.

And that’s all!

Just remember

Remember the default CC midi of every movement of the Wave

And also remember how to midi map every movement to the desired parameter:

Edit Mode allows you to edit each of Wave’s functions on the fly on the ring itself. It also makes it incredibly easy to map each function individually to a parameter in your app. You enter/exit Edit Mode by holding the Up button.

The first screen that shows up briefly when entering Edit Mode is the battery status of Wave.

When the battery status disappears you’ve entered Edit Mode. Navigate between the functions, represented by their icons, using the Up and Down buttons

To map Wave to parameters in your app you first need to make sure that your DAW is picking up a MIDI Signal from Wave. This is usually done in your DAW’s preferences where you need to enable Wave as a MIDI controller.

With MIDI mapping enabled in your app, select the parameter you want to map. Enter Edit Mode on Wave and navigate to the function you want to map. The function should be mapped instantly (you should see the CC number for the function you next to the parameter you just mapped). Exit edit mode and disable MIDI mapping within your app. Repeat.

The default range of each movement is from 0 to 90 degrees. To change it simply hold the Middle button and trace the desired range of the movement. You can go up to 180 degrees.

The position where you start tracing will become the movements starting point when you Recenter.


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