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trigger custom fade out to ableton audio clips with maxforlive (EASY)

If you want to trigger custom fade outs in any moment to an audio clip when performing in live situations this is your step-by-step guide.

What do you need:

  • Ableton Live with Maxforlive
  • zb.fade.amxd (a free maxforlive device)

Step 1

Put zb.fade on the audio track you want to fade out.

Step 2

Open the Maxforlive editor.

Click in the maxforlive icon

Step 3

Find the way until the fadeout parameter to edit.

  1. Click on the “fadeout dial”
  2. Click on the “inspector” button
  3. Click on the “all” tab
  4. Scroll down until Parameter>Range/enum

Step 4

Edit the fade out tail as long as you wish. 2000 ms (2 seconds) are the maximum default of the maxforlive device.

Step 5

Now is the time for midi mapping things to meet your needs. You can midi map a toggle button to start any time you want in your performance the fade out. Just remember to deactivate the fade off before start any clip in the same track.


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