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Interactive CARLES SANTOS FREE SAMPLER APP / Tocatico Tocatà (WEIRD!)

For a few weeks now I have been experimenting with the iconic Tocatico-Tocatà by Carles Santos.

For those who do not know Carles Santos, I have created my first documentary short film about him that you can see on my YouTube channel with English subtitles.

And this documentary came about because I was conducting an experiment on his piece Tocatico-Tocatà. It occurred to me to sample (in the documentary I explain the process) the different sounds that Carles Santos makes in order to play them on the piano and interpret the piece with piano gestures. In turn, recalling that friendship with Joan Brosa, I have created visuals that accompany the image. Here the result:

But not happy with this, I have created a small web-app in which with the illustrations by Lluna Llunera, there is a piano that if you play it, you “shoot” these same sounds that I have used, as well as the visuals. You can play with it here:

And all this material from the “i Carles esdevingué piano” project lives within the specific website created for it, where there is more content than what I have commented on in this post. Click on the image to go:

Xac Xac!


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